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Hexact - The Accurate Time Saver for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and District Energy Applications

  • Do you have a need for calculating plate heat exchangers? It has never been easier!

    No matter if you have a chiller, a heat pump or a domestic hot water application, the new Hexact 3rd generation will allow the right heat exchanger selection by always ensuring you get the latest product range and software features at hand.


  • Hexact - The accurate time saver - Danfoss
  • Hexact 3rd Generation – is Available for Download

    Hexact provides a significant increase in user friendliness:

    • Checking for updates each time started up
    • No future need for installing new versions.
    • High degree in flexibility in downloading and installing updates.


  • Get Going:

    New Users:

    • Click Download to get Hexact.
    • Start the program. A registration code will be displayed.
    • Click 'Register' below, and enter your registration code and personal data.
    • After approval, we will e-mail you your personal license.
    Existing Users:

    • Click Download below to get Hexact. 
    • After installation and before starting up Hexact do the following:  
      • Copy the “registry.ini” file from the folder of the old Hexact version, e.g. “Danfoss Hexact (2.1.4)”, into the new folder of Hexact (default folder is “DanfossHexact”). 
    • Startup Hexact and enjoy!


  • Registration for Hexact

    Please fill in the registration form below and you will receive your registration code directly from Danfoss.

    Please ensure that you fill out the form using LATIN letters (do not use Chinese, Korean, Cyrillic or other letters). If you have not filled our the form in LATIN letters (English) we will unfortunately not be able to process your request!

    Please note that Danfoss reserves the right to refuse anyone the usage of this programme without any reasons to do so.


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